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This african country is winning heart of travel addicts around worlds ,must visit this place for travellers

We flew out to Rwanda, only to discover that it takes less time to get to the Rwandan capital Kigali than a drive from Mumbai to Ratnagiri. With a direct connection four times a week, more travellers are discovering the wonders of this tiny yet remarkable country in East Africa. Rwanda is one of the world’s last refuges of the mountain gorilla and the invitation to Kwita Izina 2018, a naming ceremony for baby gorillas born the previous year, was irresistible. We made the most of our time in Kigali before the official programme.

En route to our hotel, Jullesse, the Rwandan Development Board representative highlighted the city’s landmarks. “That building decked up in colourful lights is the Kigali Convention Centre, often lit up in the colours of the visiting head of state,” he said. When Indian PM Narendra Modi visited Rwanda, earlier this year, it wore the hues of the Indian tricolour.