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‘Massive’ demand ups UK drinks exports to India

There has been a 49.2 per cent increase in the export of Scotch whisky, gin and other UK drinks to India during the year ending February 2019, the Department of International Trade said on Thursday, describing the demand in India as “a massive increase”.

India and other non-EU countries accounted for 63.4 per cent of all exports, it said, adding that the increase in drinks exports to India grew by 49.2 per cent to £179 million, the department, which has renewed focus on exports to India in the context of Brexit, said.

October and November saw a spike in beverage exports approximately 23% above the 12-monthly average for drinks exports, as people across the world stocked up on Scotch whisky and gin ahead of the festive period, the figures show.

Overall, UK exports of beverages, which include British gin, vodka and Scotch whisky, reached a high of £8.3 billion in the year to February 2019, increasing by 7 per cent on the previous year. The US remains the top destination for UK drinks, growing by 3.9 per cent to £1.8 billion.

Liam Fox, International Trade secretary, said: “Today’s figures show that despite the challenging global economic environment, people across the world are continuing to demand high-quality British exports”.

Sarah Dickson of the Scotch Whisky Association added: “Last year, 41 bottles of Scotch whisky were shipped from Scotland every second to around 180 global markets, with an export value of £4.7 billion”.