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Ghee to apple, the kind of foods to eat when there is a nip in the air

Cooler weather is a fair excuse for comfort food and dishes that ooze with warmth and comfort. However, did you know that the cooking method you adopt and the ingredients used in your meals can help you enjoy winter even more? City chefs pick their favourite ingredients to experiment with this season and also suggest cooking methods that are a hit.

Ambar Rode, chef, Brasserie Cinq, says, “Closer to year end, the quality of produce, especially root vegetables such as beetroot, cauliflower, radish, and green leafy vegetables are amazingly fresh. We focus on seasonality a lot, because when we are eating seasonal food, the food is at its peak in terms of taste, flavour, nutritional value and the best part is they are less expensive. Buying local food helps you keep in touch with seasonality.”