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Donald Trump not going to Republic Day march, says White House refering to plan requirements.

US president Donald Trump will be not able go to the Republic Day march on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s welcome on account of “planned requirements”, the White House has said yet focused on the “solid individual compatibility” shared by the two pioneers.

No clarification was offered yet the Republic Day march on January 26 is around the time when US presidents typically present their yearly answer to the Congress, an announcement of accomplishments of the previous year and plans for the following, called the State of the Union location.

Barack Obama, who turned into the primary American president to go to the Republic Day march in 2015, had climbed his deliver to January 20 from the typical end-of-month opening he had supported up to this point. Be that as it may, it was not clear whether Trump’s “planning limitations” incorporated the location.

“President Trump was respected by Prime Minister Modi’s welcome for him to be Chief Guest of India’s Republic Day on January 26, 2019, yet can’t take an interest because of scheduled imperatives,” a White House representative said in an announcement to the Hindustan Times on Monday.

In any case, the representative focused on the individual compatibility shared by the pioneers, conceivably to keep the US’ choice from being spun as a censure, as it may be given ongoing strains in ties over exchange and American dangers of assents for purchasing Russian resistance hardware and unrefined petroleum from long-lasting provider Iran.

“The President appreciates a solid individual compatibility with Prime Minister Modi created through two gatherings and a few telephone calls and stays focused on developing the US-India key association,” the representative said.