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BJP presents an alternative that is inclusive, democratic, compassionate: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a scathing attack against the Left Democratic Front and the United Democratic Front at a rally in Kozhikode in Kerala and said that both the LDF and UDF had failed the people of Kerala.

“For decades, the communist LDF and communal UDF have dominated Kerala politics, but have miserably failed the people of Kerala. BJP presents an alternative that is inclusive, democratic and compassionate. I especially urge first time voters to give us a chance so that we can provide the kind of governance you deserve,” the prime minister said.

Alleging that both the UDF and LDF were different only in name, he said that both political outfits were the same in terms of their deeds.

“Both have taken turns to loot the state. UDF has a full dictionary of scams, LDF is no better. Why have so many ministers resigned on corruption charges. Since May 2016, backdoor appointments have been taking place in PSUs, but there is no vision for industrial development in the state,” he said.

“Electing the Congress and Communists is like giving a licence to their leaders to engage in top-level corruption, he said, and then went on to refer to the recent IT raids being conducted in Madhya Pradesh, which he called the national Tughlak Road scam.

Referring to the Congress government in MP, the prime minister said that the party had got the opportunity to form a government in the state after a very long time and instead of focusing on development, the leaders had used their time to grab money.

He said that bags full of crores of rupees were found in the scam and mentioned that the money that was looted had been meant to provide nutrition to women and children.

“Kerala’s peaceful culture is under attack from both the LDF and UDF. Kerala is a land of harmony but the Congress and UDF have brought in widespread political violence in the state. Several patriotic BJP and RSS workers have been attacked and killed for serving the nation. In Kozhikode, I want to ask outdated Communists and fake liberals why they are silent on the wave of political violence in the state?” PM Modi said.

Drawing a parallel with Tripura he said, “Look at what happened in Tripura…there too the fear of Communists was very high. They tried to hide their poor governance but the people saw through their farce and placed their faith in the BJP. From barely any presence in the state, we formed the government with a majority. The same thing will happen in Kerala.”

Attacking the opposition parties on the issue of women’s empowerment, the prime minister said, “The Communists as well as the Congress have blatant double standards when it comes to empowering women. The so-called defenders of women’s rights are at the forefront when it comes to holding on to the barbaric practice of ‘Triple Talaq’.

Talking about the UDF and LDF he said, “They are trying to turn the state of Kerala into a laboratory of their mischief and in doing so they are insulting the sentiments of the people. They call themselves the champions of free speech and expression but they deny the same to the people of Kerala.”

Urging the people of the southern state to vote for the BJP as an alternative PM Modi said, “We believe in ‘sab ka saath sab ka vikas’. At the Centre, we do not see the caste and creed of the people while making policies. We make policies for all.”

“When the infrastructure of roads and Railways doubles, it connects every Indian. Development can never be seen through the narrow prism of votebank politics,” the PM said.

In a veiled reference to Congress president Rahul Gandhi who is also contesting from Wayanad in the Lok Sabha polls, the PM said, “Beware of those who come to Kerala not to serve the people of the state but to serve themselves. Top political leaders are coming to Kerala for their own political bailout. Ask them to show their credentials and what they have done in the constituency they belong to. They will have nothing to say.”