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About Us

SAADDA HAQ NEWSPAPERS have been started in the year of 2014 by a Dynamic Youngster of INDIA named Sardar Harpreet Singh Khalsa. SAADDA HAQ is mainly based on HUMAN RIGHTS.

This Media Group includes an Electronic Channel and a Newspaper in four different languages. The Motive of SAADDA HAQ is to Fight For Right.

SAADDA HAQ Newspaper is Daily Published in English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu.

This covers all aspects of News such as National, International, Economy, Business, Health, Education, Sports, Editorial, Interviews, Bollywood, Fashion, Current Affairs and many others..

We are Fighting for the Rights of Common masses who are actually not Aware by Laws, Constitution and their Fundamental rights.

This is a platform where SAADDA HAQ Team is looking for an Integral India in which things like Racialism and Casteism will not effect the progress of India.

SAADDA HAQ Team is presently working on many Social issues like Save Girl Child, Child Education, Child Labour, Dowry System, Human Rights etc.

SAADDA HAQ is a Daily National Newspaper in Multi-Languages with Fight For Right Concept & With Current Online News updates On Our website :

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